Newest Publications

“Multimedia Inspiration: Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf executive to speak at TSV” 

Taos News reporter Laura Bulkin refreshes readers on Meow Wolf history and updates, plus notes the presentation by financial executive Drew Tulchin as part of the ongoing Taos Ski Valley speaker series.

Inclusive Business: Your New Business Philosophy” 

Will Nielsen defines and updates the term ‘Inclusive Business’ and the ways it is being used around the world. Business solutions that enable low-income communities to support their own well-being are changing the way business is perceived.

“It Takes a Hive” Edible Santa Fe feature story

Edible Santa Fe magazine features The Beestro, Hive Market and The Root Cellar, Chef Greg Menke’s business development projects with a nod (end of article) to Drew Tulchin and UpSpring.

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheet #17 | Mission Series | Organizing Sales Prospects: Some Tools
The fourth in our Mission Series, exploring some useful tools for taking control of your sales process and maximizing the return of your sales efforts.


Tip Sheet #16 | Mission Series | Organizing Sales Prospects: The Sales Process
The third in our Mission Series, exploring the eight steps of the sales process.


Tip Sheet #15 | Mission Series | Organizing Sales Prospects: Some Terminology
The second in our Mission Series, introducing some of the basic terminology and jargon in business to align your mission based thinking.


Tip Sheet #14 | Mission Series | Organizing Sales Prospects: Some Theory
The first in our Mission Series, concepts and theory on sales & marketing with useful tools.


Tip Sheet #13 | Introducing the Quadruple Bottom Line
Four bottom lines better address growing need to embrace indigenous, religious, and community based work.


 Tip Sheet #12 | Non-Profit Earned Income Strategies – Where to Start?
This introductory guide assists an organization, its leaders and staff to tackle social enterprise, forming a sequence of steps, and an action plan.


 Tip Sheet #11 | Business Plan Outline for Social Enterprises | Create a meaningful business plan to identify your goals, document your direction, and engage your stakeholders.


 Tip Sheet #10 | Surfing the Crowd Funding Wave, Is it Right for Your Effort? | Originally posted in the November 2011 Investors’ Circle Newsletter to help evaluate if this alternative source for capital can help grow & sustain good causes.


 Tip Sheet #9 | Resources for Scaling Up Social Enterprises | Highlighting the use of networking organizations, financing entities, and academic programs to successfully scale up social enterprises.Incorporating Your Business: Co-Authored with the University of Michigan Law School International Transaction Clinic, this series explains the legal documentation to register your company.


 Tip Sheet #8 | Biggest Concerns for Foreign Investment in the US


 TipSheet #7 | Commercial Loan Agreement


Tip Sheet #6: Articles of Organization (Limited Liability Company)


 Tip Sheet #5: Incorporating Your Business | Understanding what articles of incorporation really mean when registering a company in the U.S.


 Tip Sheet #4: Socially Responsible Business Plan Competitions Summary | Entering competitions to improve & promote social innovation efforts.


 Tip Sheet #3: NGO Board Member & Professional Volunteer Recruitment | Finding suitable human resources for your good causes.

Additional ideas from our October 2012 Social Enterprise Alliance presentation.


 Tip Sheet #2: Twitter 101 | This 2 pager is an introduction to Twitter, offering tips to leverage Tweeting to promote & increase exposure for NGOs.


 Tip Sheet #1: Google Adwords 101 | This 2 pager introduces Google’s advertising program and teaches non-profits how to leverage to market on Google.

Emerging Topics

Submissions are now being accepted for future Emerging Topics Papers. Check out our submission guidelines


25. Questa Economic Development Regional Report (PDF) Publication to move the Village of Questa in rural New Mexico into a sustainable, just local economy that works for everyone. With Petroglyphs on the Rio Grande for QEDF.


24. EcoDistricts (PDF) Part three of a series on green trends for sustainable living in affordable housing.


23. Microgrids (PDF) Part two of a series on green trends for sustainable living in affordable housing.


22. Biogas (PDF) Part one of a series on green trends for sustainable living in affordable housing.


21.  Rebirth of Main Street (PDF) Case Study in Developing Innovative Communities.


20. Power Your Mission (PDF) A Guide to Social Enterprise.


19. Invest Local (PDF) Resources for the Journey to Local Investing in New Mexico- and Beyond!


18. Case Studies in Economic Development (PDF) Analysis of communities as they re-invent themselves in post-recession growth.


 17. Private Philanthropy: An overview on giving in the U.S. and worldwide (PDF) This white paper provides an overview on giving practices in the private sector.


 16. Capital Sources for Social Enterprises (PDF) Entrepreneurs often do not play all of their cards when seeking funding. This paper will help you explore many of the options available.


 15. Case Studies: Local Food & Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives in the United States (PDF) – The working paper compiles best practices from four communities and six local initiatives, highlighting communities and organizations across the country that pursue innovative projects to increase sustainable and local agricultural economies.For the full report on Northern NM local food systems, visit REDI.


 14. Alternative Capital For Credit Unions (PDF) – This paper discusses Member paid-in capital, Non-member paid-in capital, and subordinated debt as options available to low-income credit unions for income.


 13. Debt Investment as a Tool For Value Transfer in Biodiversity Conservation (PDF) and Strategies (PDF)This paper proposes the development of a new approach to environmental conservation by rewarding local environmental land protection in poor communities through access to credit and affordable financial services.


 12. Seeking to Serve Millions, Not Hundreds – Helping US Microfinance Institutions Go Beyond What They Know (PDF)This paper sheds light on the issue of under-banked and un-banked individuals within the United States and discusses the role of Micro Finance Institutions within the lending community.


 11. Renewable Energy Potential in New Mexico Indian Pueblos Case Study DRAFT (PDF) – This draft discusses the need to diversify US energy sources through a collaborative effort between the US government, public and private sectors, and Native American Tribes.


 10. Small Foundations: How to Invest in Microfinance (Paper) (PDF) and Presentation (PDF) – This analysis aims to assist small foundations in making decisions for sustainable microfinance investment.


 9. Small Business Incubation and its Prospects in Indian Country(PDF) – This paper examines the prospect of a small business incubation system being used in native lands in order to further small business growth and sustainability. Updated December, 2012.


 8. Online Communications for Change Presentations (PDF) andDiscussion Notes (PDF) – The preceding materials are from a presentation on the role online communications plays in transforming civil society and how groups can leverage technologies to maximize their impact.  The author is Adam Rubel, Organizational Consultant,


 7. Strategies for Managers Working within Founder’s Syndrome Organizations (PDF) – This paper explores actions middle managers can take at social purpose organizations to address organizational challenges in founder-led organizations. Written by Jessica Shortall, Managing Director, Catalyst Strategy Advisors (, former Skoll Scholar, Saïd Business School, Oxford, U.K.


 6. Microfinance as a Tool for Sustainable Urban Poverty Alleviation(PDF) – Working policy paper exploring measuring microfinance”s impact as a sustainable development tool for urban poverty alleviation and an action research presentation of how donors and other stakeholders can most effectively engage in this sector.


 5. Positioning Microfinance Institutions for the Capital Markets (PDF) – Orientation to private investment in microfinance and what is needed to make it more common. Includes highlights of private investment deals. For a presentation on the topic, click here.


 4. Microfinance & Health (PDF) – Working paper exploring the value and method to integrate these important development efforts. Submitted to BYU”s Center for Economic Self-Reliance 2004 Call for Papers. Written by Chandni Ohri, University of Washington Jackson School, and Program Officer, Grameen Foundation USA.


 3. Currency Hedging for Microfinance (PDF) – Working paper exploring methods to overcome a serious risk factor impeding investment in international development. Written by Romi Bhatia, Columbia University SIPA.


 2. Remesas a América Latina: impacto y oportunidades (Remittances to Latin America: Impact and Opportunity) (PDF) – Working paper in Spanish placing remittances in the development context and civil society. Written by Matias Bianchi, an Argentine scholar.


 1. Microfinance & the Double Bottom Line (PDF) – Paper exploring the link to and value of Social Return and the Double Bottom Line for Microfinance Institutions, including Double Bottom Line efforts in other industries. Original research was funded by the Ford Foundation for the MicroCapital Institute.


Emerging Topics Papers Series Submission Guidelines: UpSpring is seeking new Emerging Topics papers. Submissions should seek to reveal new understandings, challenge established concepts, and advance industry thinking. Finished papers will be less than 20 pages and understandable to a broad audience. To express interest, please send a short email (less than one page) detailing your social enterprise paper topic, why it is important, your bio, and the organizations mentioned, email We welcome already written works seeking wider distribution, as well as new efforts. Marketing and promotion strategies are explored mutually on a case-by-case basis.

Multimedia & Podcasts

Presentations on Local Investing:


Meow Wolf featured on PBS TV “New Mexico in Focus”

Drew Tulchin spoke at SFAI140, Immigrants with examples of community investment.  Presented at Santa Fe Art Institute, 2015.

TedX Acequia Madre talk on Local Investing for All, 2012.



“The Journey Home” on KSFR 101.1 FM (Santa Fe, NM)Drew Tulchin shares expertise for social enterprise and recommendations for non-profits and social business models to thrive in the current economy.3/5/2009 (YouTube)4/21/2009 (YouTube)7/16/2009 (YouTube)9/28/2009 (YouTube) 

Planet Good Radio – Radio focused on socially responsible business practices through discussion of relevant topics.7/16/2009 (YouTube) Drew Tulchin shares his best tips and advice on how small and medium businesses can survive ‘this economic winter.’10/1/2009 (YouTube) Recently returned from Afghanistan, Drew Tulchin discusses economic development as a pathway to building a more civil society.



Denver Startup Week, 2017, Drew Tulchin presented Get the Capital You Need



Webinars with SecondMuse and the Blue Economy Challenge:

The Right Capital: Securing Investment Across the Capital Spectrum

For the fourth year, we held webinars with Native Learning Center (Register for free). View our past webinars here:
Budgeting for Project Performance
New Trends in Capital for Housing and Social Service
Feasibility Studies
Strategic Planning

Webinars with 4good – Register for free and access the archived materials:
Organize your best prospects: setting up and operating a ‘sales funnel’
Beyond Fundraising
Recruiting Professional Volunteers

UpSpring Associates has teamed up with Social Enterprise Alliance to present a continuing webinar series on topics surrounding enterprise in the US. Attend sessions monthly, or register to access previous sessions. Previous topics include:

January 2013 – Leveraging Social Media for Social Enterprise Events

December 2012 – Getting Shelved: Seven Lessons for Building a Consumer Products Social Enterprise

November 2012 – Social Capital for Social Enterprise

October 2012 – Recruiting Professional Volunteers

September 2012 – Smart Growth Through New Enterprise

August 2012 – An Overview of Innovative Business Models

July 2012 – Dynamic Marketing for Social Enterprise

June 2012 – Business Planning for Social Enterprise



Test your microfinance knowledge with our Wheel of (Mis)Fortune Game!