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Social Enterprise Making a Difference with Drew Tulchin… The Sustainable Century Podcast

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Sustainable Century Podcast by Marc de Sousa-Shields of ES Global Consulting

Drew Tulchin of UpSpring Associates, is an American social enterprise Super Hero. Twenty-five years of helping social enterprise from finance to food to Indigenous Nations, Drew has been there and done it.

In this episode of The Sustainable Century Podcast, host Marc de Sousa Shields and Drew talk about how not to play by the economist rules so we can reinvent measures of value beyond income and bottome line!

Elevating purpose to power our economic needs while making us happy that is social enterprise, the mission of a growing number of folks the world round.

Listen to expert social enterprise developer and all round great person, Drew Tulchin as he offers insights on how to change capitalism for the better.

Look soon for Leading Transformation: from Pandemic to Sustainable curated video discussion salon, featuring young leaders and doers in sustainability.

You can get a hold of Drew on Twitter or on LinkedIn.