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Entrepreneurs, Find Your Dazzle!


What’s a Zebra???

Are you a start-up exec, social entrepreneur, or intrapreneur exhausted by the effort to fund your endeavor? 

Would you benefit from a community of peers who understand what you are going through? 

Do you need to bounce ideas off people who understand what you are talking about? 

In our Covid-19 world, are you too isolated behind your computer screen?

Then, join the Zebra movement! 

Zebras are enterprises that will better the world. They are more often found than Unicorns (a start-up that grows fast to be worth more than $1 Billion). And, a group of them is called a Dazzle (who knew?). 

So, form a Dazzle through Zebras Unite. Join other locals in a chapter for collective action. Gain national visibility and even international community. 


What is the Movement? 

Zebras United is an effort to find community, capital, and culture. It is a movement focused on bringing people together that are creating businesses that will better the world. What sets it apart is it is founder-created and founder-led. Zebras Unite has evolved into an organization made up of a co-op, fund, and non-profit.

Its core purpose is overcoming challenges startups face. These businesses are not the ideal candidates for venture capital support, but the Zebra community can help create financial solutions. It offers community centered forums to support finding financial alternatives.


How to get involved? 

It’s easy and free. Join the movement today – become part of our dazzle. Find supporters for your efforts. Read case studies of successes that better match your models.  Offer your advice to like-minded people with questions and get advice on your own questions

We have committed to growing the movement and hope you will too! Help us become a Gold Level Ambassador using our link to signup. New Mexico Chapter Coming Soon! Keep an eye out for announcements!

Use link: https://zebrasunite.mn.co/share/v39vtH6Hvirz2S0

Zebra Question

-Shel Silverstein

I asked the zebra

Are you black with white stripes?

Or white with black stripes?

And the zebra asked me,

Or you good with bad habits?

Or are you bad with good habits?

Are you noisy with quiet times?                          

Or are you quiet with noisy times?

Are you happy with some sad days?

Or are you sad with some happy days?

Are you neat with some sloppy ways?

Or are you sloppy with some neat ways?

And on and on and on and on

And on and on he went.

I’ll never ask a zebra

About stripes


Kristin Garcia is a consultant with UpSpring Associates working with clients on strategy around business development, marketing and communications. After 9 years working in the nonprofit sector, Kristin made a huge shift working as part of the leadership team of local Albuquerque startup, Electric Playhouse.

New NM Angels president hopes to help startups overcome pandemic https://upspringassociates.com/angels-name-new-president/ Thu, 29 Oct 2020 16:09:18 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3263

New NM Angels president hopes to help startups overcome pandemic

The New Mexico Angels announced today a new President of the organization: Mr. Drew Tulchin. After a statewide search, it was deemed that Tulchin, an experienced investor and entrepreneur himself, will continue the Angels’ legacy of investing in New Mexico and regional companies. Additionally, he will be expanding the educational opportunities and expanding the breadth of offerings with NMA’s new Rockies Venture Club affiliation. He will take the reins effective November 1, 2020.

Long-time Angel Board Member, John Rice, commented on the appointment, “Challenged to reinvent the New Mexuco Angels to help lead our state up and out of the crushing economic aftermath and long workout to come from Covid, we have had to go BIG. And, we did. Bringing in Drew Tulchin as President of the Angels gives us a leader who has already made substantial  profits for NMA investors at Meow Wolf. Along with his personal and corporate success with Meow Wolf and other ventures, Drew brings with him his own broad network of regional angels, insatiable curiosity, a formidable work ethic, and creative deal structuring skills of a seasoned investor and CFO.”


Alternative Term Sheets for Investment https://upspringassociates.com/alternative-term-sheets-for-investment/ Tue, 01 Sep 2020 19:45:17 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3221 Check out the recording of this interactive webinar, attended by 100 people, featuring Drew Tulchin (Upspring Associates), Lauren Grattan (Mission Driven Finance), and John Berger (Toniic).

This session explored new ways to approach investment term sheets – to see how we ensure we bring in the triple bottom line and our own personal beliefs – to our investing and entrepreneurial efforts. Organized by SVC’s member-led working group, The Future of Community Finance. To get involved, email Drew.

Event Hosted by Social Venture Circle
A membership network that equips entrepreneurs, impact investors, and capacity-builders with connections, money, and expertise in order to build businesses that drive the NEXT economy: one that is regenerative, equitable and prosperous for all.

Toniic is a global community of asset owners seeking deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital. Learn more. Toniic hosts ImpactTerms.org a free curated library of innovations in impact investing terms and investment structures.

Mission Driven Finance is an impact investment firm dedicated to building a financial system that ensures good businesses have access to sufficient, affordable capital. Built from the ground up with a single purpose—to make it easy to invest in your community—all our funds and structured products are designed to close financial gaps that will close opportunity gaps. Mission Driven Finance was launched in 2016 in San Diego, CA and is a Certified B Corporation. Learn more.

UpSpring Associates leverages the power of the marketplace for business to ‘do well by doing good.’ We work with founders and their team to move an idea to reality and secure the capital to advance. This long time B Corp has been recognized as a ‘Best for the World Small Business’ for the last five years.

The event was part of the series. Here’s more details:

NEXT Economy LIVE is new weekly series in partnership with Intentional MediaJumpScaleOpportunity Collaboration, and the American Sustainable Business Council where experienced members and thought leaders host webinars, interactive meetings, and discussions where the real challenges, insights, and best practices of leading and funding mission-driven businesses can be explored with peers. Registration for each event is required. Recordings of all prior events can be found online here.

Scheduling Note: During the summer months of July and August, we will be pausing our Friday webinars (we have also increased our internal programming opportunities for members). 

Members are invited to submit their own proposals to host events. If you are an impact aligned partner or sister organization in the space that is interested in collaborating on future events, we invite you to reach out to discuss opportunities. Email isaac@svcimpact.org for the private link and to discuss collaboration opportunities.

In partnership with

Generously supported by



Social Venture Circle (SVC) is a membership network that equips entrepreneurs, impact investors, and capacity-builders with connections, money, and expertise in order to build businesses that drive the NEXT economy: one that is regenerative, equitable and prosperous for all.

Copyright © 2020, SVC. All rights reserved.

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Social Venture Circle
4225 Solano Ave # 709
Napa, CA 94558-1611

Social Enterprise Making a Difference with Drew Tulchin… The Sustainable Century Podcast https://upspringassociates.com/social-enterprise-making-a-difference-with-drew-tulchin-the-sustainable-century-podcast/ Tue, 25 Aug 2020 21:36:01 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3205 Listen to Podcast >>

Sustainable Century Podcast by Marc de Sousa-Shields of ES Global Consulting

Drew Tulchin of UpSpring Associates, is an American social enterprise Super Hero. Twenty-five years of helping social enterprise from finance to food to Indigenous Nations, Drew has been there and done it.

In this episode of The Sustainable Century Podcast, host Marc de Sousa Shields and Drew talk about how not to play by the economist rules so we can reinvent measures of value beyond income and bottome line!

Elevating purpose to power our economic needs while making us happy that is social enterprise, the mission of a growing number of folks the world round.

Listen to expert social enterprise developer and all round great person, Drew Tulchin as he offers insights on how to change capitalism for the better.

Look soon for Leading Transformation: from Pandemic to Sustainable curated video discussion salon, featuring young leaders and doers in sustainability.

You can get a hold of Drew on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

Four Ways to Best Use Your Time https://upspringassociates.com/four-ways-to-best-use-your-time-2/ Mon, 24 Aug 2020 16:01:10 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3195

August 24, 2020  |  By Pi Luna & Drew Tulchin

As business owners, we’re usually pulled in multiple directions at once. When we tend to the most urgent or noticeable task on the to-do list, other items get ignored. Most often, effort towards longer-term plans and investing to make our business better remain unattended.

As the song goes, “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…into the future.” A phone call here and a half hour there – before you know it, the day is done. Tracking your time is a solid step to look at what’s really happening. Once you see it, and record trends, then it’s easier to fix.

Therefore, we recommend tracking your time, even if you are an owner or salaried employee and not required to do so.

Here are four benefits of tracking your time:

  1. Increase Awareness
    The act of tracking your time can be a wake up call. What if you found out you spent two hours a day answering emails instead of working on an important project? Documenting your time enables you to look at your days.​
  2. Prioritize Your To Do List
    Not all tasks are created equal. Yet, much of our time gets spent on unimportant tasks because they are in-front of us, instead of tasks that build towards longer-term goals. When you step back and take a look at your day, you can adjust your priorities and dedicate time to the most important items on your list.
  3. Delegate More Effectively
    When you see where you time goes, you can look at those tasks worth doing yourself and what might be delegated. Tracking your time gives you the clarity to identify what might delegate better.
  4. Make Better Financial Decisions
    “Time is money.” When you track your time, you’ll get a more accurate sense of how long projects take. You’ll be able to quote more accurate estimates, improve your pricing strategy and set realistic goals.

Time Tracking Template
Here’s a template in Google Sheets to help you track your time throughout the day. You can enter your tasks on the left-hand side and the totals automatically calculate on the right. Here’s a screenshot of the example.


Once you track your tasks for a week, you can look at the totals and ask yourself:

  • Where do I spend too much time?

  • Where do I need to spend more time?

  • What tasks can be calculated?

  • Are there tasks missing that should be included?


Pi Luna 
As an artist, business coach, computer tutor, former math teacher, and award-winning author, Pi integrates creativity with logic to help make learning fun and easy. She helps small business owners learn the tech skills they need to do well in our rapidly changing economy. You can work with her individually over zoom, take one of her online classes, or read one of her educational books.


UpSpring Associates (www.upspringassociates.com) is a New Mexico based ‘B Corp’. We are a network of consultants collaborating with entrepreneurs to leverage the power of the marketplace for betterment – for business to ‘do well by doing good.’ We work with founders and their team to move an idea to reality, create the materials needed to describe the company, and enable the company to attract the capital it needs to advance. We have been recognized as a ‘Best for the World Small Business’ for the last five years.

What questions should I ask Advisors, Mentors and/or Experts? https://upspringassociates.com/what-questions-should-i-ask-advisors-mentors-and-or-experts/ Thu, 20 Aug 2020 20:28:05 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3181 Original post: What questions should I ask Advisors, Mentors, and/or Experts?

This blog was originally posted by New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Innovation Center. Thanks for the partnership with Kristin Morehead. Do you have ideas for good questions to ask? Send them to us at drew@socialenterprise.net and we’ll give you attribution in the update.

Some entrepreneurs aren’t sure how to engage in dialogue with an Advisor, Mentor, Industry Expert, or potential Professional Trade Vendor (lawyer, accountant, etc.). If you haven’t done it much before, it can be intimidating, for sure. But, it doesn’t have to be. As you acquire more experience or expertise in this arena, it will get easier. Most people want to be helpful. Enable them to do so for you by being prepared.

Here are some questions to get you started – to think about. These are just some starting points. Some of these you would consider for yourself – you wouldn’t ask them directly. And, not all questions will be applicable for you or your company’s situation. Feel free to adapt and build from here what will be most useful.

And, if you aren’t sure, it is okay to admit that. You aren’t expected to know everything. But, you are expected to be able to know who to go to for what you need and how to ask for what you are looking for.

We’ll work to build out more tips and tricks for building your start-up through a blog. If you have topics you’d like to see, let us know.

Here are some questions and topics to connect with an Advisor, Mentor, and/or Industry Expert.

Regarding the Legal Entity of Your Enterprise

  • What type of legal business entity registration should I consider?
  • What are the major pros/cons of those most applicable (i.e. LLC v. C Corp)?
  • What are the reasons you believe this is the best choice?
  • What state should I register my business in? If outside of New Mexico, what are benefits to nationally known locations like DE and NV?

Personnel & Hiring

  • What roles do you think are most important for early hires / my company at its current state?
  • How do I attract talent given the capital I have?
  • How do you feel about advisors and advisory circles?
  • What talent and type of advisors would I most benefit from at this stage?
  • What type of people do I need to attract into the company to complement my skill set?
  • What does the business most need in talent now?
  • How do you feel about interns? And, where can I get that type of talent?
  • Who should be on your team, and what are key strategy for team building?

Investors& Investment

  • What are investors looking for in a business of this type and this sector when considering investment?
  • What are investor return expectations these days given the economy?
  • How should equity work for your company and what does it mean for this business structure?
  • What are some strategies for preparing a strong pitch deck and being ready to approach investors (aka the pitch)?
  • How do you sequence your steps: should you seek investment first or build a prototype? Why?
  • What should I know about my market before talking to investors? What homework do I still need to do?
  • What information on business financial projections are investors looking for in a pitch deck?
  • How confident am I in my financial projections and what do I still need to determine?
  • Who is customer #1? Who will be customer #10?

For Lawyers:

  • See questions above on legal registration
  • What legal documents do you suggest I focus on for my business at this stage of development?
  • For intellectual property (IP) specialists: Should I register IP? How do I do that? What are the pros/cons? What stage should I be at to do so?
  • How do I best work with you (or any lawyer)?
  • What are best examples of clients that haven’t gone well? What are good examples of client behavior you recommend?
  • What mistakes do you see entrepreneurs keep making?

For CPAs and Accountants:

  • Tell me about your style of work?
  • How do you find it works best for me to get you information and data?
  • How frequently should I look to be generating financial statements?
  • How do I best work with you (or any CPA/Accountant)?
  • What are best examples of clients that haven’t gone well? What are good examples of client behavior you recommend?
  • What mistakes do you see entrepreneurs keep making?
  • Would you recommend a cash basis or accrual?

About the Authors & their organizations:

Kristin Morehead, Kristin Morehead manages the Arrowhead Innovation Network and the Arrowhead Ventures program at New Mexico State University’s Arrowhead Center, https://arrowheadcenter.nmsu.edu/. The programs she manages support projects, partnerships and initiatives that support entrepreneurship and business growth.  She also oversees NMSU’s role in the New Mexico Small Business (NSMBA) Program, in partnership with Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories.  She supports entrepreneurial education and technical assistance initiatives for businesses across New Mexico and the Borderplex region. Contact Kristin at kmorehea@nmsu.edu.

Drew Tulchin is Managing Partner of UpSpring Associates, www.upspringassociates.com. UpSpring is a network of consultants using the power of the marketplace for good. Based in New Mexico, Tulchin brings nearly three decades of experience moving start-up companies from idea to reality, putting together the right materials to define them, and securing the capital they need to advance. His efforts have led to companies raising more than $300 million in new capital in equity, debt, government programs, and other sources. Reach them at info@upspringassociates.com.

Getting Funding for Your Social Enterprise with Drew Tulchin https://upspringassociates.com/getting-funding-for-your-social-enterprise-with-drew-tulchin/ Mon, 20 Jul 2020 20:22:18 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3156 listen to Episode

Our guest today on the pod is Drew Tulchin. Drew is an experienced C-suite manager with strong skills in capital raising, business development, building relationships, sales and government funding – particularly in the social enterprise, B corp and triple bottom line space. He currently serves as the VP of Business Development at Electric Playhouse, and is Managing Partner at Upspring and is formerly the VP of Investments & Capital at Meow Wolf.

Upspring site

Upspring Resources for Social Enterprises

Electric Playhouse site

Meow Wolf site

Build With Robots site

The Awarepreneurs Community

Paul’s business coaching site

Awarepreneurs is a popular conscious business and social entrepreneur podcast. You can find out more at www.awarepreneurs.com.

Investor Perspectives on Automation and Robotics: Drew Tulchin of UpSpring https://upspringassociates.com/investor-perspectives-on-automation-and-robotics-drew-tulchin-of-upspring/ Mon, 20 Jul 2020 20:16:26 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3153 Read Interview Here

This is Investor Perspectives. I’m the host of Investor Connect, Hall T Martin, where we connect startups and investors for funding.

In today’s show, you’ll hear investor perspectives on automation and robotics and its impact on startups.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape for startups giving us a new normal. During the pandemic, it became clear the need for automation and robotics to deliver necessary goods and services — especially when workers are in lockdown.

We have joining us Drew Tulchin of Upspring Associates – an investor in the robotics space.

Drew is an experienced C-Suite Manager with a demonstrated history of working with others. He is skilled with startups, especially in New Mexico. Drew’s expertise includes capital raising, business development, building relationships, sales, setting up systems, and government funding. Drew has his eyes on social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, B corps and sustainable businesses. His MBA is focused on Marketing and Finance and he graduated from the University of Washington and Michael G. Foster School of Business.

You can visit UpSpring at www.upspringassociates.com/.

Drew can be contacted via LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/drewtulchin/, via Twitter at www.twitter.com/drewtulchin, and via email at drew@socialenterprise.net.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

Growing Start-Ups & Enterprise in New Mexico https://upspringassociates.com/growing-start-ups-enterprise-in-new-mexico/ Mon, 20 Jul 2020 20:09:04 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3149 Listen to the Podcast.

This is the ABQ Business Podcast with your host Jason Rigby. Each week we interview leading business leaders to inspire the vision and the spirit that is in every entrepreneur. We discuss strengths, weakness, strategies, systems and the problems we can all solve together to fulfill a shared vision of a new future for ABQ Business.Amazing Guest this week Drew Tulchin we discussed all things start-up, and what it takes for a business to be successful in New Mexico. We also got into some projects Drew is working on now.

Drew Tulchin, Founder, defines his career making new ideas reality. Drew brings more than 25 years of experience overcoming “The Doubting Thomases” to build lasting organizations and achieve successful results. Drew’s professional experience spans the for-profit, non-profit, public & philanthropic sectors. Drew recently finished three years with Meow Wolf, a B Corp start-up based in Santa Fe, NM that creates immersive arts experiences to wow, where his efforts led to raising more than $100 million in investment over three years, purchase of a new headquarters, and growth from 50 people to more than 400.

He has helped launch more than 15 start-ups with numerous legal structures. His work has generated more than $300 million for triple bottom line efforts. Consulting has taken him across New Mexico, the U.S., to Native American nations, and more than 40 countries. He has contributed to 100 + socially entrepreneurial business plans. Prisma Microfinance’s co-written plan was a Global Social Venture Competition award winner, published, and used to raise $1.2 million in private equity capital.

Growing Start-Ups & Enterprise
He was Director of a U.S. microfinance organization, the CDFI called ECDC/Enterprise Development Group, serving immigrants and low-income people in Greater Washington, DC. He served as Program Officer for Grameen Foundation as its founding staff person of the Capital Markets Group.

Previous experience includes a Bluetooth wireless firm, socially responsible businesses, and an environmental NGO. He began his career in National Community Service, as a VISTA (US domestic equivalent of the Peace Corps) and an AmeriCorps Team Leader in Oakland, California. Drew completed his MBA from the University of Washington in Seattle. He finished his BA, Cum Laude, in History and International Relations from Washington University in St. Louis. His studies included a year abroad at Sussex University, UK.

Drew values volunteerism. He serves on the Board of WESST in New Mexico. He is a Member of the Serve New Mexico Commission. He is an Advisor to Pueblo of Acoma Business Enterprises. He is a member of Social Venture Network. and Lifetime Member of Net Impact. In his free time, Drew plays ultimate Frisbee anywhere he can, is learning tennis, hikes to get lost, eats food he doesn’t recognize, and enjoys bad puns more than he should.

Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/embed/d2hfXnShQUs

Drew’s Web Presence:
LinkedIn: bit.ly/LinkedIn_DrewTulchin
Website: upspringassociates.com

Please go to www.abqpodcast.com where you can get show notes, resources ,and links to everything we talked about today to help you navigate your journey as an entrepreneur and business owner in ABQ. Follow me on instagram at @abqjasonrigby or sign up for my email list here where I drop marketing secrets to help your ABQ Business!

Building a Movement of Corporate Philanthropy https://upspringassociates.com/building-a-movement-of-corporate-philanthropy/ Wed, 10 Jun 2020 17:06:06 +0000 http://upspringassociates.com/?p=3068 Hi Drew,

We’re so excited you joined the Pledge 1% community! You’re now part of an amazing network of likeminded founders/CEOs from 3,000+ companies in 80 countries—including Twilio, Box, Yelp, Docusign, Atlassian, Optimizely, Salesforce, Techstars and many more—who are all committed to giving back.

So what’s next? Given that you’re already actively running a give-back program, it makes most sense to double down on how we can support you with telling the story of your work.