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The Silverback Gringo: Living the Dream in the Norte’

UpSpring introduces Scott Davis, a New Mexican activist whose blog, “The Silverback Gringo: Living the Dream in the Norte'” analyzes race, class and gender inequality.

Scott Davis describes himself as a construction professional living and working in Rio Arriba County (NM) since 2007. Scott says, “I’ve been working closely with Tewa Women United in Española for many years, and through those relationships, am learning about the intersections of identity and how they impact us in our daily lives. Waking up to the privileges I enjoy as a straight, white male from middle class roots, I have felt compelled to confront the injustices that benefit me at the expense of others.”

One piece of Scott’s activism is The Silverback Gringo blog, where he shares analysis and reflections on race, class, and gender. His hope is to help shed light on how these systems of oppression reveal themselves and how similarly privileged people can move to create change. Scott says, “I do this from a deep love of community, both local and national, and the recognition that my own liberation is directly tied to the liberation of all peoples.”

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Scott’s pointed retort to an All Lives Matter response to #BlackLivesMatter:
“Your Compassion is Overwhelming”

A clear history of America’s legacy of violence:
“It’s the Orchard, Not the Apples”

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